Diving Safety

Diving Safety

Diving Safety and Insurances

Here at La Galigo, we pride ourselves on our diving safety record, which is why all crew departments have been trained in primary first aid and secondary care, and no expense has been spared in all relevant safety aspects. onboard we have a fully stocked first aid kit, as well as 10 hours of emergency breathing oxygen, and a defibrillator.

Every effort has been made to attain highest safety & security standards, in the bridge we have an EPIRB emergency locator, long range radio phone for use in emergencies, FM and SW Radio, 4 VHF and SSB radio. Fire detectors and extinguishers are strategically  located throughout the boat, and all of our permanent staff members are trained by a fire control specialist in the unlikely event of an outbreak. There is also an adequate number of personal flotation devices and lifebuoys for up to 40 people.

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All divers wishing to dive with La Galigo must hold either Advanced Open Water certifification with at least 20 logged dives, or an Open Water certification, with at least 40 logged dives, and have dived within the past 5 years. A mandatory refresher shall take place at our first dive site for anyone who hasn’t dived in the past year, which is included in the cost of the trip.

We accept certifications from relevant international agencies such as PADI, NAUI, SSI, BSAC. You will be requested to provide details from your dive card upon booking, if we cannot find your details online from your certifying agency, a photocopy or scan of the card will be requested. If it is not possible for you to send us a copy, it will be requested that you bring your card with you. Please present your card on the day of the charter to the Cruise Director.

*Due to our remote location a Dive Insurance policy is mandatory to dive with us. In our experience, DAN provides both excellent service and coverage.  Please note, that all policies must include  medical evacuation.

In both Komodo & Raja Ampat the closest Hyperbaric Chambers are located in the port towns from which you embark. We have ample supply of Oxygen for dive emergencies, however breathing Oxygen is insufficient treatment for Decompression Sickness.

DAN insurance policies are free for the duration of your trip when you book directly with La Galigo, this will be added onto your booking automatically unless you request otherwise.  

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, we now kindly request & highly recommend that all our guests that all guests have a valid travel insurance policy  including ‘Force-Majeur’.  

Our dive guides are under strict instruction to guide all dives conservatively as specified by the management. All dives will be no deeper than 30m / 100ft, as the best marine life show is in the shallower water, therefore we don’t need to spend too much time in the deep water. We do not offer decompression diving, and any one found not adhering to this request may be banned from diving for the remainder of their trip.

It is important to become acquainted with your dive computer, and if you have not dived recently please let us know, we offer a free refresher / check dive to all our customers upon boarding as part of the schedule, so do not worry if you are the only one!

Before every dive, a member of our staff will enter the water and perform a condition check for the dive. This will ensure that we can offer you the best and safest conditions for your dive.

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