Travel and Activities

      Pick up between 6-7am
      Embark 8am
      Arrive back to Sorong harbor early hours of morning

      Disembark after breakfast, up until 11am
      Transfer to Airport or Hotel
      Recommended Hotel: SwissBel

      • Over 1,200 fish species. It is believed that the region will soon receive protected area status.
      • The term “Frontier Diving” seems to have been invented for the Raja Ampat islands. To visit these waters is to feel at the edge of the earth.
      • 3 to 4 dives per day
      • Night dives included
      • Dive guides on board
      • Raja Ampat is the bees knees in the world of scuba diving. It is quite simply the cream of the crop in world diving!
      • Raja Ampat According to the Conservation International Rapid Assessment Bulletin and their more recent 2006 scientific surveys, the marine life diversity in West Papua is considerably greater than all other areas sampled in the coral triangle of Indonesia, Philippines and Papua New Guinea.
      • Arborek Village visit. We will take you on a tour of the peaceful little island of Arborek. Stroll through the sandy streets and meet the friendly locals. The girls and boys of the village will get together to display their dance, playing their home made instruments and singing along. You can buy some hand made goods from the women in the village such as woven bags and hats.
      • Bintang Lagoon visit and hike. We will take you to the stunning Bintang Lagoon or “Little Wayag” in central Penemu. This is a spot where you can get some great landscape photos of Raja Ampat’s famous emerald mushroom islands, that rise straight out of the sea. Locals sell an arrangement of handmade goods and refreshments at the base of the hike. This is also a great place for a spin around the bases of the limestone islands in our tender.
      • Aljurie Bay pearl farm. Nestled in a beautiful little bay that makes great sunset scenes, is the Aljurie Bay pearl farm. We will take you on a land excursion here to see how the farm operates, in its own little slice of heaven hidden away from the world. This is also your chance to purchase some pearls straight from the farm.
      • Mioskon Island beach BBQ and bonfire. We set up quite the show on Mioskon island for our guests. Swinging hammocks, bean bags on the sand, bamboo flares, a cozy bonfire and a delicious beach barbecue are all a part of what we do here. The crew will serve you drinks and play you live music as you kick back and relax. Watch out too for the thousands of bats that take off from the island every sunset.
      • Wayag is the picture perfect image of Raja Ampat. The hills are green and numerous, the water is a bright azure and extremely refreshing. Hike to the top of one of the hills with us to get a once in a life time photograph of the lagoon below. Follow this up with a leisurely kayak around the calm waters of the protected islands. In the afternoon, we will visit the ranger station in the east of Wayag. The ranger station is home to a large congregation of black tip reef sharks that will swim right up around your feet, as you wade in the waters by the jetty.
      • Prices are per diver based on occupancy in the chosen cabin
      • All rates include taxes
      • Please make sure you check the visa and/or immigration requirements for your nationality
      • Trip cancellation insurance recommended
      • Children above 12 y. o. are accepted aboard La Galigo. During the cruise, children remain under the responsibility of their parents. Parents are required to ensure that the children respect all safety procedures, listen to all safety briefings, and do not disturb the peace and quietness of the other passengers, or the effective management of the cruise.
      • To partake in any scuba diving activity with La Galigo, you must hold a certification from a recognised scuba diving society such as SSI, CMAS, BSAC, PADI or similar. It is the client’s responsibility, as a certified diver, to respect and follow the guidelines given by the La Galigo guides and instructors, and to follow the regulations stipulated by their certification agency.
      • Clients are solely responsible to provide a diving medical statement or physicians medical dated within the last 12 months, certification card and log book. Ignoring the directions given by the guides, or not presenting certification card, log book or valid medical paperwork may cause a limitation or disqualification from scuba diving during the trip. The divers accept their responsibility to be technically capable of participating in the activity of scuba diving and fully accept the risks associated. We reserve the right, for safety reasons, and at the discretion of the La Galigo guides, to refuse access to one / several / all dives if the diver does not have the necessary competence to participate safely.
      • We require all divers to provide us with a copy of their diving insurance that includes medical evacuation
      • Diver must wear a dive computer
      • Maximum depth: 35 m
      • All meals, non packaged snacks, coffee and tea, and post dive refreshments.
      • Diving services including tanks, weights, smb rental, reef hook rental, air fills (non nitrox), guides and dive tenders.
      • Hotel or Airport transfers to and from Sorong Harbour / Labuan Bajo on the first and final day of your cruise, from a local hotel in Sorong / Labuan Bajo.
      • Land excursions
      • Ferry transfers to and from Sorong Harbour / Labuan Bajo to La Galigo on the first and final day of your cruise
      • Airport to hotel transfers
      • Flight tickets
      • Visas and fees
      • Airport taxes and extra baggage fees
      • Travel, dive and repatriation insurance
      • Alcoholic beverages such as beer, wine, spirits
      • Soft Drinks and packaged snacks
      • Staff gratuities (preferred in local currency)
      • La Galigo Merchandise
      • Book now, pay later:You can easily place your booking online. We will then hold the spaces for you and you can confirm with a payment later.
      • Raja Ampat / Komodo tags or other marine protected area tags or anchorage charges.
      • Port, Ranger and Marine Park fees.
      • We charge the following additional fees to cover Indonesian national marine park fees, local area access fees, harbour fees, anchorage fees, and land based activities that require donations.
        • Raja Ampat: $180 per person per trip.
        • Komodo: $150 per person, per trip.
        • Wakatobi: $30 per person per day.Raja Ampat national park tags are valid for 1 year, you will receive your tag onboard the vessel. If you still have a valid tag, please contact us directly for a discounted price for this fee. (This is only available when booking direct with La Galigo). You will be required to bring your old tag along to show to the authorities when they board the vessel. Failure to do so may result in a fine of up to $5000 as dictated by the port authorities.La Galigo will organise all park fees for its customers, which are payable in local currency onboard the vessel.

      We recommend that for comfort you bring your own personal dive equipment, including exposure suit (wetsuit/ rash guard), mask, snorkel, regulators and gauges, BCD, dive computer, safety markers, torch, and fins. Dive equipment is available to rent if you require, please make La Galigo aware at least 60 days prior to departure on the ‘Guest data sheet’ if you require rental.

      Full equipment rental per day:
      • $30, includes: BCD, Regulators, Wetsuit, Torch, Computer, Fins & Boots, Mask & Snorkel, Safety Marker Buoy (SMB) with reel, and Reef Hook.

      Individual item equipment rental per day:
      • BCD – $10
      • Regulators – $10
      • Wetsuit – $5
      • Dive torch – $5
      • Computer – $5
      • Safety Marker Buoy with reel – $0
      • Mask, Fins with Boots & Snorkel – $0
      • Reef Hooks – $0

      Cruise Information

      Above water, the topography of Raja Ampat is characterised by lush green jungles covering rocky limestone karst cliffs. Below water the area is known for stunning submerged pinnacles in the south, and fantastic walls and slopes in the north. Average depths of the sites is normally around 23m with the most shallow sites 18m and the deepest 30m.

      Some of the hazardous wildlife to look out for in Raja Ampat include scorpion fish, lion fish, blue ring octopus and cone shells. Another hazard, particularly to those of you coming from the cooler climates, is dehydration. Don’t get too carried away, remember to keep them fluids up. Currents can be particularly strong at dive sites such as The Passage, Kaleidoscope, Eagle Rock and Changu, just to name a few. Sites such as Cape Kri, are also known to have down currents regularly experienced. For this reason we recommend that diving in Raja Ampat should be undertaken by experienced divers.

      We honestly could not choose between a macro camera set up or a wide angle camera set up for Raja Ampat. This area is absolutely teeming with life, which makes fantastic subjects for both styles of photographers. Expect to see Oceanic Mantas, Reef Mantas, Reef Sharks, Tuna, Trevally, Jacks, Barracuda, Barramundi, Sweet Lips, Snapper, Damsel Fish, Butterfly fish, Angle Fish, Batfish, Trigger Fish, Nudibranchs, Octopus, Flamboyant Cuttlefish, Robust Gosht Pipefish, Tasseled Wobbygong Sharks, Raja Ampat Walking Sharks, Denis Pygmy Seahorse, Bobtail squid… the list go’s on and on.

      We always recommend guests bring their own BCD and regs, as being comfortable in your own gear is priceless. We do however stock all the gear that is required for divers to rent a full kit. Most people are comfortable enough in a 3mm shorty wetsuit, as the water temperature very seldom changes from 28-29 degrees celsius all year round. Some people do prefer a full body wet suit for skin protection. We recommend that guests bring their own computer, to keep track of your dive data, some of our trips reach up to 40 dives. A great dive torch for our night dives is also a strong recommendation. Reef hooks and SMB’s are recommended due to the currents in the area, although we will provide you these safety devices free of charge for the duration of your trip if you do not have them.

      Itinerary: Raja Ampat Ultimate 12 Days / 11 Nights

      Sorong / Batanta
      We will collect you from the airport or your hotel around 7am for an 8/9 am departure from Sorong, then welcome you onboard La Galigo. After a refreshing welcome drink, and a short introduction to the facilities of our ship, the diving schedule, and the tour program, we set sail for our first day.

      Check-out dive: (+ (crocodile report dependant)): Batanta.

      One nice easy dive on a site known as ‘Happy Ending’ that will introduce you to the wonder of Indonesian diving, shallow soft sandy bottom, amazing muck critters and clear warm water. We relax for our first dinner together and an evening and overnight cruise to the southern parts of Raja Ampat..

      + If there have been any seasonal reports of crocodiles in the area, we may likely push on to our next stop in Misool.Day 1

      Goa Farondi, Misool
      After the long haul south we will arrive in Misool around mid late morning to midday. Around the islands of Farondi we will do two to three day dives dependent on arrival time to the area, plus a night dive. This area is well known for its Mobula rays and amazing swim through. There is a fantastic wall on the island of Farondi and also the chance to do some cavern diving on ‘Goa Farondi’ with an opportunity to spot some of the above sea level inhabitants of the caves if the conditions are in our favor.Day 2
      Jamur Boo, Misool
      We wake up a little further west, but still in Misool. Today we will be doing 3 day dives plus possibly a night dive. As always the dives sites are condition dependent, especially for the night dive here, but some of the sites we like to visit around this area are ‘Boo Rocks’, ‘Boo Window’ and the renowned Oceanic Manta Ray haven of ‘Magic Mountain’.Day 3
      Central Misool
      Over night we have moved a little further east to the center of the diving action in Misool where we plan to take in 2 early day dives before moving on for an overnight sail towards the center of Raja Ampat around lunchtime. Some of our personal favorite spots to dive around here are ‘Nudi Rock’, ‘Tank Rock’ and ‘Whale Rock’, all of which provide great opportunities for macro and wide angle photography.Day 4
      Goa Farondi Region, Misool
      This morning the sun rises once again against the sheer cliffs of Goa Farondi. We will have two more great morning dives here before the boat starts off around midday for a long haul up to the further north regions of Raja Ampat.Day 5
      Today we intend to take in 2 dives plus a trek, and another night dive in Penemu. Dive sites visited will depend on the conditions of the day but here is a list of some of the sites we regularly visit: ‘Melissa’s Garden’, ‘Harto’s Reef’, and ‘Kenau Channel’, where condition dependent we will take in our night dive. The masses of hard and soft coral at the center of Melissa’s Garden is what gives it its name, look out for all sorts of creatures great and small in there. In the morning we will take a short hike to the look out point above Bintang Lagoon. Make sure you have your camera, this is a spot not to be missed.Day 6
      Pulau Wayag
      Overnight we have sailed to the northern most extreme of Raja Ampat. What awaits is possibly the most breathtaking scenery that you have witnessed in your life. If you see a post card photo of Raja Ampat, its most likely taken from this spot. We will take you for an early morning hike up to the top of the hill to get some photos of this true wonder of nature. The beach here is also out of this world, fine white sand and turquoise water, we will spend some time relaxing here. After this we will stick around for two dives in the area. While you have lunch the boat will cruise to the eastern side of Wayag. Here you will do another afternoon dive. Following your dive we take an excursion to the ranger station, you will often see families of black tip reef sharks swimming around the shallows of the jetty. A night dive here and then we say goodbye to Wayag as we head south for Kawe Island.Day 7
      Kawe and Aljurie Bay
      In Kawe Island dive sites visited in are truly dependent on conditions. One of our favorite dive sites is in the east of Kawe Island, named ‘Changgo’ which translates to ‘do it again’. ‘Changgo’ has several amazing underwater pinnacles, as well as masses of pelagic species, and other sites such as ‘Eagle rock’ and ‘Black Rock’ are often called home by Pacific Manta Rays. Sunfish and Pilot whales can also be spotted here when the water temperature drops. After lunch the boat will move into Aljuje Bay, this is one of the world’s most spectacular bays to watch the sunset, and also do some great muck diving at night.Day 8
      Gam and Western Dampier Strait
      We wake up just off the coast in Gam Island. There are some great dive sites around this area with vibrant fish covered reefs and plenty of stunning little macro subjects. We will do 2 of the Gam dive sites, our favorites here include ‘Mayhem’ and ‘Citrus Ridge’. As we have lunch we will cruise down to the western section of the Dampier Strait. This is manta heaven and we will take you to either the shallower ‘Manta Sandy’ or ‘Manta Ridge’ to see these graceful giants. In the late afternoon we take in a land tour on the peaceful island village of Arborek. Feel the tranquility of simple island village life as you casually stroll the white beach sand streets. One of the world’s best night dives also happens to be under the jetty in front of this island, where we will endeavor to find you blue ringed octopus and other awesome critters.Day 9
      Central Dampier Strait
      Three day dives plus a night dive in this area. Dive sites visited will depend on the conditions of the day but here is a list of some of the sites we regularly visit: ‘Cape Kri’, ‘Mikes Point’, ‘Chicken Reef’ and ‘Sardine Reef’. These are some of the premier dive sites in Raja Ampat. ‘Cape Kri’ has the highest biodiversity of fish species recorded in Raja Ampat, and is often described as the worlds best house reef. This exciting high current drift dive never fails to impress, from Manta Rays, schools of Chevron Barracuda, various reef Sharks, the list goes on, it’s truly a bucket list dive.Day 10
      Eastern Dampier Strait
      We start to wind down today as the trip starts to come to an end. To give you 24hrs to gas off your Nitrogen before tomorrows flights we will do 2 early morning dives today. The dive sites we normally visit in this area are ‘Blue Magic’, ‘Mioskon’ or we can go visit one of the dive sites from the day before if you like! The afternoon is spent swapping stories, having laughs and cracking a few cold ones with new friends. Its your choice to do this on the deck or to log some beach time on the nearby island of Mioskon, where we will take in a beach BBQ prepared by your chef. Mioskon is sometimes home to thousands of flying foxes, which at sundown, often set out to find fresh fruits to feast on.Day 11
      Disembark La Galigo at Sorong
      From 07:00 we will be anchored in Sorong in preparation for disembarkation, however, guests may stay onboard until 11am for breakfast with us.Day 11
      *Please note: La Galigo will not guarantee an itinerary, this is meant for illustrative purposes only.  The summa strait and the weather conditions in the area are highly unpredictable.  We will not risk our vessel, or our passengers’ safety if our captain and chief officer feel that conditions will not allow us to travel to certain areas.