Ultimate Komodo – Itinerary

Length: 8 Days / 7 Nights

DAY 1: Labuan Bajo / Flores

We will collect you from your hotel between 8:00 & 9:00am for a 10:00am departure from Labuan Bajo, then welcome you onboard La Galigo. After a refreshing welcome drink, and a
short introduction to the facilities of our ship, the diving schedule, and the tour program, we set sail for our first day, which will include a refresher dive for all divers on board.
Check-out dive: Sabayor Slope followed by Sabayor wall. Two nice and easy dives that will introduce you to the wonder of Indonesian diving, vibrant colours, clear warm water…. you
have made a great decision coming here 😉 We relax for our first Dinner together and an overnight cruise to central most part of western Komodo.

DAY 2: West Komodo

Pre-Breakfast. Morning dive: Tarawa Besar… OMG am I in heaven? After a ‘proper’ breakfast, we depart for a dive at Police Corner, having so much fun it should be illegal.
After lunch is diving at one of our favourite spots: CURRENT CITY (Batu Bolong), for a chance to dive once more with our new Manta friends. Last dive of the day will be at
Bombastic forrest, a real visual delight.

DAY 3: North West Komodo

Pre-Breakfast. Morning dive: is the ‘banging’ site Shotgun. After a ‘proper’ breakfast, we depart for a dive at the world renowned Castle rock. The rock is packed with bronze and
rust coloured sponges and soft tree corals. Black snappers, large cuttlefish, pyramid butterfly fish, and octopus galore await us there. Later in the afternoon we climb the local
summit and enjoy a splendid panorama over the moon-shape islands of the Komodo Archipelago and the mainland of Flores. Afternoon dive at Crystal Rock, followed by a night
dive at Buku Buku.

DAY 4: South West Komodo

Awake early in the morning to complete a dive at the world famous Golden Passage. After second breakfast we dive at Karang Makassar. We then set sail for Pink Beach and into
Komodo National Park. Here we will commence a short hike to see the world famous Komodo Dragons. This is followed by a night dive at Bokep Point. The evening is spent
watching the sunset with a beach barbecue.

DAY 5:

The day starts with an early dive at the colourful spectacle that is Dilarsten. After feeling like quite the hobbit with second breakfast you will jump in the water at Secret Garden, pure
bliss. Some lunch and a short cruise will follow this, taking you to your afternoon dive at Padar Kacino. The night dive for the Day 5 will blow your socks off – Bole Mogoso… prepare
to be amazed

DAY 6:

Some sites are just so good that you have to go back and do them again. That’s how we start day 6 with an early morning revisit to Karang Makassar. Prepare to find even more
bizarre macro critters and majestic large animals at Batu Bolong after break number 2. Lunch – Cruise – Mawan dive site, who wants to loose their passport so this trip never
ends! The breathtaking Siaba bay is our night dive spot today.

DAY 7:

We start to wind down today as the trip starts to come to an end. To give you 24hrs to pass off your Nitrogen before tomorrow’s flight, we will only do 2 morning dives today. The first
dive will be Penga Kecil and the second is Wainilu. The afternoon is spent swapping stories, having laughs and cracking a few cold ones with your new bff’s. A mystical sunset
is spent anchored up near Bat Island, where you will witness 10,000’s of bats fly out at sundown to find fresh fruits to feast on.

Day 8: Disembark La Galigo at Labuan Bajo

From 07:00 we will be anchored in Labuan Bajo in preparation for disembarkation, however, guests may stay onboard until 11am for breakfast with us!
*Please note: La Galigo will not guarantee an itinerary, this is meant for illustrative purposes only. The summa strait and the weather conditions in the area are highly unpredictable. We will not risk our vessel, or our passengers’ safety if our captain and chief officer feel that conditions will not allow us to travel to certain areas.